Covax is coming. Yay!

We have been approved to administer the covid vaccine. Here's what we know so far...

To register your interest complete the form below or call us on 9436 1675. We will contact you to book you in for an appointment once we have the covax instore.

Which vaccine?

At this stage we are only administering the Astra Zeneca vaccine which provides good protection against the current Delta strain in circulation.

Who can be vaccinated?

Anyone 18 years or older.

How much does it cost?

Free – there is no charge to the patient.

When will they be available?

We have not been informed yet however it will be soon. In the meantime we have an “expression of interest” list to record any names & numbers to contact once the booking system goes live.

Is there more information?

We will keep you updated as we learn more. At this stage we have only been informed that we have been approved for the vaccine. Once it becomes available patients will be able to book in-store and online. It is likely that they will be able to get second doses with us even if the first was initially done elsewhere but we still need to confirm that. We will eventually do both Pfizer & Moderna however this will not be until stock becomes more readily available, expected to be in October/November.

Yes, let me know when covax is available in Greenwich.